UX Designer and Sketchnoter

I spent the first few years of my career as a technical consultant, working as part of cross-functional, agile teams delivering bespoke software. My tendency to focus on people over algorithms inspired me to design human experiences beyond just software. Visual artefacts such as sketches, wireframes and even comics, fill the office walls, wherever I work, as I believe they are the best technique to get everyone on the same page. I particularly like the potential of comics to communicate user journeys, personas, jobs to be done or even user interviews.

I am also a Graphic Recorder, documenting events visually, either in small or big formats, for the purpose of event amplification. I have worked for big UX events such as EuroIA, NorthernUX and Experience Fighters and festivals like Markings. I'm also a Visual Thinking and Sketchnoting instructor for GA.

If you're interested, check my schedule and get in touch. I'm always open to new challenges.

I am also an Illustrator and Comiker, and write about cool women here



Aurora sketched an animation workshop I ran recently with some students at Central Saint Martins. She really captured the character of the participants and the energy in the room, providing a fantastic visual record of the day’s activities.
— Heather Barnett, Lecturer MA Art and Science, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London