I am playful, curious and empathic


Aurora Suriel Melchor

With a mixed background in science and arts, I found in design the perfect compromise between problem solving and aesthetics. The first few years of my career were spent working as an agile consultant in London, where I was part of cross-functional agile teams delivering bespoke software. But soon I realised I was more interested in people than algorithms and became involved in the UX side of projects.  

As a UX designer I represent the voice of the users with whom I talk. This is a tricky position, often somewhat in conflict with other members of the team. I always try to include my team in my process, so that they understand what I do and grow with me.

I am playful in my creative approach and often use comics as a communication artefact, which I found it works at all levels, from stakeholders to users.

I currently work as a UX Designer at Forecast.it

I am a Graphic Scribe and you can find my Sketchnotes from UX events such as EuroIANorthernUX and Experience Fighters and festivals like Markings can be found in this page. I'm also a Visual Thinking and Sketchnoting instructor for GA.




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