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Just a normal day at the office…

Just a normal day at the office…

My Role

I worked 6 months at the Amnesty International Secretariat in London as a UX Designer. I was part of the Design Team, which produced global assets for the rest of the organisation, as well as provided design help to other internal departments.




WordPress Templates

Amnesty IS was championing a move to a global WordPress template, in order to get rid of microsites from regional offices. The UX team had to create a series of components and test them with international members in order to make sure they fulfilled all the functionality required.

Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 19.52.49.png

Service Design

I put my service design skills to practice by mapping internal processes in order to put forward cases to streamline them. In this case it was on regional office visits for the Office of the Secretary General.

Mock_landing page.png

Working with Sections

An important part of the IS in London is to support regional offices which do not have a digital team both in content creation, developing websites with minimal budget and non-existent technical resources, and advising them of best UX practices, such as good Information Architecture and user research.


Working with the Secretary General

Probably the most exciting project was working with the Secretary General on redesigning his briefing documents and process. This involved interviewing researchers, PAs, Regional Office representatives and the Secretary General himself!


Social Media Assets

I also had various visual design tasks, such as designing templates for social media posts or icons for several online resources. I worked with the brand guidelines and the global brand manager for Amnesty.

Designing the icons for the story thumbnails for Amnesty Instagram

Designing the icons for the story thumbnails for Amnesty Instagram