The several lives of a UX designer

What is User Experience Design? There are as many ways of approaching UX as people doing it. Here I'll be documenting my own particular journey.


Talk - Agile UX

Agile development and design methodologies work at different paces. Agile advocates for small iterations, whereas design needs a fair bit of creative space before delivering the final solution. So, how do you integrate UX in an agile development team? Having worked in many agile projects, in this talk I illustrate some of the friction that happens between development and design, and how to address it.


Workshop - Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling is a powerful tool for UX designers. Building narrative into user journeys, personas, storyboards, presentations, or even wireframes improves greatly the engagement and understanding of the team or client.

Workshop I delivered at Bulgaria's Web Summit conference last year, marrying concepts I learnt at art school with business needs.


Comics in UX

Remember that workshop I had about comics and storytelling  being great for UX? Well, here I'll be eating my own dog food and showing how I actually make use of the medium of comics in my day to day job. 



Design Methodology - Designing in the browser

Working for a startup, a UX designer has to wear all the possible hats, design fast and craft beautiful experiences, but also, forget perfectionism in favour of validating the designs with real users as soon as possible. Here I detail my the process I follow, directly from paper wireframes into html and css.



Participatory Design - Lifecycle of a story

Something was wrong in our team, Stories kept bouncing back, instead of moving forwards. We needed to find out those bottlenecks in the process. The Lifecycle of a Story is a workshop that only takes around an hour, and can really help streamlining team processes.

Workshop - Sketchnoting for GA

I'm currently a GA instructor for this course. Here I touch on the benefits of sketchnoting as a way to extract more from note-taking.